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Hi ,I am RAKIK Alla Eddine


I am a Programmer and a 3D Artist

About me :

I am a 21 year old Algerian Programmer and Game developer, i love creating tools and games for people to enjoy .

My skills :

C # advanced :
Worked on many games in Unity ( see projects below)
c++ intermediate:
Created a full software rastorizer 

Solo Projects


Date: 01/2021 ~ present (still working on it)

About :
This is a personal project I am working on solo, it is a mobile game played to pass time with infinite world generation, it has not been released yet.
Task :
Create 3d models in blender.
Programmed the game controls.
Programmed the runtime procedural level generation.
random block generation

Date: 06/2021 

Wood cut
About :
Wood cut is a freelance Project, it is a hyper casual game made for mobile .
Task :
Create 3d models for the tools and the wood logs
Programmed the game controls and the game logic with procedural mesh generation for the wood spiral.
Create and design Level.

Date: 12/2021 

About :
Task :
Transmogrified is a stealth game with magic powers where you have to avoid enemies using your abilities and get to the next level 
Code the fps character controller and the player abilites 
Code the UI logic and Custom UI shaders
Code the AI node patroling and behaviour 
Code the AI node patroling and behaviour 
Ai patrolling and behaviour :
Create custom ai node patrolling system that allows us to quickly add and setup ai in our levels 
Fps Character Controller and abilites :
Custom Tools :
A custom tool that allowes us to quickly render images for interactable objects and use then in the UI

Date: 12/2021 -01/2022 

this project was a prototype for a open world survival game 
Task :
Create general Ai for animals and mobs using behavior Trees
Set up the animations and spawning for the AI
Team based AI able to have full scale combate
Ai created with Behaviour Trees allowing for easy testing and expansion 


Software rasterizer
this project is a software rasterizer created from scratch using c++ and the windows api , its is not a full 3d renderer but it contains these features :

- fov and perspective projection 

- depth buffer and fog

- UV and Texture mapping
Projects I participated in

Date: 09/2021~12/2021

Be Ready

This was a winning project for a hackathon called "Summer Break Challenge" hosted by Djezzy, it revolves around finding a solution to natural disasters.

Our solution was to develop an educational game that teaches the players how to react in case of occurrence of a natural disaster , we chose to target wildfires and earthquakes .

Task :
Lead and manage the development team to achieve this project.
Implement earthquaks simulation .
implement Task system for player goals
implement main logic of the game

Date: 12/2020~07/2021

Rescue Robots Sniper Survival
I am working on this project as a part of my remote internship at Aeria Canada studios, it is a fps mobile game with  blocky visuals, it was released on the play store.
Task :
Fix bugs with character controller and other systems.
Implement new and updated UI.
Programmed a mini-map system.
Non game related projects

Date: 10/2020

Covid-19 tracking website I made to track covid death, active and recovered cases for my country.
(might not work depending if covid-19 Api is online)

Date: 11/2020

A boom party bot that can play the game against players automatically and runs as a chrome extension, boom party is an online game where players take turns typing words that contain the letters shown on screen.

BOT view

Player view

My 3D Art

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